Grover 1993-2003


Simon Fox


Si Rider

Andy Hall
bass <2002


Steve Hough
bass >2002

Birmingham’s influential post-rock pioneers, Grover existed between 1993-2003, releasing a host of albums, singles and split releases on independent labels around the world. Broadcasts on BBC Radio1 (including a Peel Session in 2001), plus airtime on a variety of independent stations in europe and the USA, helped Grover build a dedicated international fan-base and influence the UK post-rock scene.

The members of Grover are still active in music: Steve Hough & Simon Rider are in neo-krautrock supergroup Einstellung and Simon Fox performs solo under various FOX monikers. Steve Hough & Simon Fox were also experimental electronica duo Krafla.

fisheye 1
band pic
fisheye 2

Live at The Flapper
Birmingham UK 2002

Explosions in the Sky

by Jesse Lyons / Kohi Marri

andy & simon f

John Peel Session
BBC Maida Vale Studios

andy & simon r
simon r

2" tape!

simon r
simon f
14th January 2001
bbc canteen
outside maida vale
door of fame
in the studio

by Alan Farmer / Simon Rider

Live at The Jug of Ale
Moseley 2000

simon f
grover live
simon f & andy
andy & simon f
simon f

by Gordon Wallace