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Kendo Nagasaki

15 september 2018 :: wagon & horses :: Birmingham, (with Youth Man, The Courtesy Group and more!)

28 october 2018 :: hare & hounds :: Birmingham, (with The Unit Ama & Man Punches Cloud)


Independent Country

3 October 2018 :: MAC :: Birmingham




august 2018


The True Adventures of Independent Country! Album number 2 was released in August: a gig-honed, beefed up rockin' batch of country reworking of indie classics, including Pulp, Spiritualized, Primal Scream, Inspiral Carpets and more! Get it here on vinyl, CD and download!

Context is Everything. I was commissioned by Birmingham City University to remix an interview with composer/musician Anna Palmer for their latest issue of Riffs Magazine - experimental writing on popular music. According to the blurb, this is what I did:

"Context is Everything’ plays with the notion of taking quotes out of context; a constant and fundamental issue for journalism, reporting and academic research. Using an audio recording of the Riffs interview with musician and composer Anna Palmer, individual comments and asides that had the potential to be provocative, thought-provoking or amusing were picked out".

Judge for yourself here!

november 2017


Independent Country album #2! Independent Country head to the legendary Magic Garden Studios this weekend to start work on our second full-length album. We have 14 or so songs ready to go, with the plan to pick the best 10 for the record. Featuring several nailed-down favourites from the live show, we already know it's going to be a banger!

SSU live

Some Some Unicorn live! Some Some Unicorn have released a great live recording of their album launch gig for 'Unicornucopia' at Iklectik, London on 31/03/16. Titled, rather unsurprisingly, Live at Iklectik, it features two full sets, each with a completely different line-up. Crystal clear and wonderfully evocative, you can get a copy from the bandcamp page here!

september 2017


Update. After a busy summer of festival shows for Independent Country, we already have the first gigs of 2018 booked. I'm honoured to return to London's legendary Union Chapel, in support of the wonderful Judy Dyble. Judy was founder member of Fairport Convention with Richard Thompson, who redefined folk music, and then went on to form a group with Robert Fripp that became the fore-runners of King Crimson! So basically, she's worked with two of the greatest British guitarists ever - no pressure, then!

july 2017

7 at 77

7 at 77. The full 77-minute releases are now availbale from WIAIWYA records' bandcamp page! All proceeds go to Medicine Sans Frontieres.

june 2017

SSU Album 2

Some Some Unicorn and Independent Country are both hitting the festival circuits this summer (albeit very different types of festival...) Check the gigs section above for details and tickets.

april 2017

7 at 77

7 at 77. I've just finished an epic 77-minute piece for WIAIWYA records' latest collector series. 7 acts each made a 77-minute piece that will be released 1 a day from 7/7. Go to their bandcamp page to hear 77-second radio edits and pre-order the full versions in dowload or ltd edition CD sets!

december 2016


Independent Country have released their debut album! Trailerparklife features lush country covers of indie hits such as Wrote For Luck, Parklife, Rock n' Roll Star and more. You can buy it in download, CD and deluxe lathe-cut vinyl formats here!

SSU Album 2

Some Some Unicorn also have a release out! The second album, Unicornucopia, features even more musicians that the first, and is based on a series of live sessions recorded around the UK. You can get it here in download or CD formats!

may 2016


Sorry for the lack of news recently. The World of Fox has been rather quiet, but I've been busy! Independent Country and Some Some Unicorn are both fully active, with recordings and gigs all well underway.

Independent Country has enough gigs this summer to call it a tour! We're playing a bunch of festival dates and the album is very, very nearly ready for release. More news as it happens!

Some Some Unicorn live gigs have been going excellently, with the live Unicorn roster now running into several dozen assorted musicians and poets! The 2nd album is also taking a live turn, with a number of recording sessions booked. You can get involved and help us out by using the Pledge Music link here.

Gigs are listed above - it'd be great to see you there! Solo stuff will follow...

march 2016


Independent Country: The Commercially Inviable house band has been busy recording the debut album, working title 'Trailer Parklife'. Initial sessions have gone well, and the overdubs, recording guest musicians, mixing is well under way. Keep up to date with progress here!

october 2015


Some Some Unicorn: We've been busy developing the Unicorn into a working live act! The plan, such that it is, is that we'll play wherever and whenever, with an ever changing line up. The joys of improvisation is that we can rock up on the night and whoever's there is free to play along. More news as it happens here!

august 2015


Independent Country: The Commercially Inviable house band played its first gig at the reopening of the Stirchley Baths arts complex in Birmingham. Featuring members of Friends of the Stars, World of Fox and the James Summerfield Band, Independent Country does exactly what it says - indie hits in a country style! Erm...that's it. It's better than that sounds. We're in the studio in September, so expect an album to drop soon.

july 2015


Website update: The music page has been cleaned out and thoroughly updated! Everything that can be streamed is now available to stream, download and/or buy via the page, with direct links to the record label sites and links to buy direct where available.

Indietracks gig!: The Midland Railway Centre, Derbyshire
I'll be doing a little 'pop up' gig at Indietracks this year. Hang around the merch tent on Sunday at around 4.15 and you'll catch me and the lovely Amelia Fletcher playing our latest single!

march 2015


World of Fox with Amelia Fletcher is now available for pre-order! The official release date for the single is 7th May, but you can pre-order and/or sign up to the 7777777 singles club as soon as you like!

girl and a gun

Listen carefully, 007: WIAIWYA has a groovy blog dedicated to Bond themes! Each Friday they'll release a new cover of a song from the long-running film franchise. Guess what? I did one. You can download my take on Rita Coolidge's 'All Time High' here!

nine realms

Back to my roots: I'm involved in a very exciting project from Artipeeps called The Nine Realms. Tasked with 'magicking the Norse world to life', the project involves no fewer than 42 Poets & Artists, 3 Musicians & a Viking boat! I'm one of the composers, creating three new music pieces to soundtrack the Norse realms.

The main show will take place at Hanse House, Norfolk from 11-15th September.There's also an Indiegogo campaign to help take it all on tour, so if you like the sound of it, dig deep!

november 2014

With a little help from my friends...
This month it's all about collaboration. I've had the immense pleasure of working on four very different projects (improv-jazz drone big band / indie-pop / a book / an album and a book!) and they're all coming to fruition just about now.


Some Some Unicorn and the Golden Periphery is now available for pre-order! Some Some Unicorn is an experiment in communal music making. Working on the border of composition and improvisation this work has drawn together 30 artists from the fields of improv, electronics, jazz, poetry and popular music. Some names you will know, some you don’t yet, but all have given time and talent to become Some Some Unicorn.

You can hear me making a racket with trombone, bouzouki, guitar and moog synthesizer.


sign up to wiaiwya-7777777 2015: Where It's At Is Where You Are continues its acclaimed singles club for a 4th year. 2015 is all about unique collaborations! I'm recording a single with viola player Sara Fowles and undisputed queen of indie-pop, Amelia Fletcher!

wiaiwya-7777777 2015 will be seven collaborations, some are one-offs, some a looking like they might become going concerns, but these records will be the first vinyl outing for each collaboration.

  • feverdream & laura k

  • woodpigeon & norman blake

  • world of fox & amelia fletcher

  • the fairlight myth (pete astor & keith negus)

  • hannah botting (owl and mouse) & bill botting (allo darlin)

  • bel etage (pam berry & lupe nunez-fernandez)

  • pete weiss & friends (tbc!)

The release dates will be 7th April, 7th May, 7th June, 7th August, 7th October, 7th November and 7th December, and as usual there's be all sorts of presents for subscribers: what are you waiting for?... make sure you don't miss out and sign up HERE (and if you subscribed in 2014 you can keep your membership number).

I'm also working on my next album with Sara - it'll be a 'Fox & Fowles' release, featuring stripped back, acoustic versions of our recent songs. Expect it to be out sometime in the Spring.

101 things

101 Things That Birmingham Gave The World: This is the book that proves that Birmingham is not just the crucible of the Industrial Revolution, but the cradle of civilisation. It’s the definitive guide to the 101 things that made the world what it is today – and all of them were made in Birmingham. Read how Birmingham gave the world the wonders of tennis, nuclear war, the Beatles, ‘that smell of eggs’ and many more… 97 more.

I wrote at least two of the 'things' in the book. (Okay, two).

It also includes a foreword by Stewart Lee called ‘A Birmingham of the memory,’ all about his relationship with the city. “101 Things Birmingham Gave The World, is not a Birmingham of the memory. It is a living breathing thing, wrestling with the city’s contradictions, press-ganging the typically arch and understated humour of the Brummie, and an army of little-known facts, both trivial and monumental, into reshaping its confusing reputation.” Stewart Lee


Analogue Tales: Sounds From Arden is the new James Summerfield album, but with a difference. James has collaborated with poet Darren Cannan to produce a suite of songs and spoken word poems about . You can see the promo video here! This will be released soon in a unique book/CD combo package.

As part of Jim's band, I feature on guitar, banjo and backing vocals.

september 2014


Networking: Following my contirbutions to Some Some Unicorn, I've been invited to perform at the Capriccio for Networked Performers at the prestigious Netowkr Music Festival on 24 September. The performance will include players live in the auditorium, improvising alongside other performers via the internet from across the world! Sounds like fun...

june 2014


summer news: After a couple of great festivals (featuring the inaugral sets accompanied by Sara Fowles on viola) we'll take a little time out from live gigs. This summer's already looking busy, though!

Sara and I plan to record the sets we've been playing recently. Expect stripped down versions of fox songs, with just acoustic guitar/banjo, viola and vocals (maybe a live loop here and there...). The plan is to better reflect the 'live' sound and we'll probably bring it out in some format if we're happy with it.

I'll be recording new pieces with James Summerfield this summer too, laying the tracks down live in the lovely Highbury Studio and working in some interesting poetry readings with the music.

I've also contributed to the 'big band drone' collective, Some Some Unicorn, led by the prolific collaborator Shaun Blezard. Judging by the sounds coming out of it so far, this is going to be really interesting...

february 2014


festival news: I have couple of choice festival gigs lined up for June! Set in beautiful Warwickshire countryside, in Nick Drake's home village, The Lunar Festival is Moseley Folk's big brother, but with camping and a more psychedelic bent. Acts include The Magic Band, Donovan, Tim Burgess, Temples, The Polyphonic Spree, British Sea Power, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Pram, and two of my heroes, John Renbourn and Michael Chapman, plus loads more...

Following hot on its heels, The second Sin Eater Festival promises to be just as lovely, with a more alternative outlook. Set in a real ale pub in deepest Shropshire, acts include Kogumaza, Horse Loom, Richard Dawson, Ex-Easter Island Head, Alisdair Roberts, Sharon Kraus, and many more, and it all culminates in the burning of a Wicker Man! I think I'll be right at home.

january 2014


2013 roundup: Last year was an eclectic one, to say the least! As well as releasing my third album, 'borrowed times', james summerfield released his latest opus, 'two brothers leave home', which garnered some of the best reviews of his careeer so far. I played guitar and banjo, stuck a few backing vocals on and helped produce it, so I'm due at least some of the credit, right? Other collaborations include performing as part of a 100-strong brass ensemble for 'together we breathe', a site-secific piece created by super critical mass for the grand opening of the already iconic new library of birmingham, the biggest library in Europe! It was an unforgettable experience and full marks to capsule who curated the whole four month discovery season, in celebration of the new library. I was commissioned to remix victoria and jacob's single 'theia mania', which was a fun project - I ended up doing two of them!

coming up in 2014: There are a few exciting things planned for 2014. I certainly intend to do more recording, probably using 'borrowed times' as a springboard for more experimental work. That said, there'll be a vinyl single recorded this year for release in 2015 which will most likely be more pop. I've a couple of great festival gigs confirmed, so more news on them as they are officially announced. I'm working with a couple of other musicians on new stuff, but nothing's concrete yet, so you'll just have to wait and see what we come up with...